Today's Video: The Arsenal of Exclusion-Inclusion by Interboro Partners

The Arsenal of Exclusion/Inclusion, a video posted by Interboro Partners to announce the forthcoming book, with same title: The Arsenal of Exclusion/Inclusion.
As Interboro Partners says:
50 leading experts provide tools for analysing how the open city is made and unmade The Arsenal of Exclusion/Inclusion is a book about 101 "weapons" that architects, planners, policy-makers, ddevelopers, real estate brokers, com-munity activists and other urban agents use to restrict, or promote access to the space of the city.
As for the book, it will be out on March 2012.

Suggested essay: Excavating Lefebvre: The Right to the city and its urban politics of the inhabitant | Mark Purcell

The Arsenal of Exclusion/Inclusion from WebMaster ABPro on Vimeo.

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