Martin Beck at EHESS on March the 11th

Austrian artist, designer, historian and author Martin Beck will be the next guest in the seminar "Something you should know: Artistes et producteurs d'aujourd'hui" at EHESS (Paris), on March the 11th. This seminar founded by Philosopher Patricia Falguières, curators Natasa Petresin-Bachelez and Hans Ulrich Obrist, and art critic Elizabeth Lebovici invit not only artist and curators, but theoreticians, editors... to discuss on their practices with participants (students, professionals of art and amateurs). For this new edition, Martin Beck will have the opportunity to discuss his works with us. By mixing fields of architecture, design and popular culture, Beck works on questions of authorship, historicity and display. to He usually collaborates with artist Julie Ault in various projects and exhibitions such as Social Landscape, presented at the Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro, NC, in 2004. He usually writes in Text zur Kunst, Springerin, to quote but a few.
The seminar will start at 19:00 to 21:00 at
96 boulevard Raspail, 75006, Salle Lombard, RdC.

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