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This video entitled Drift and Drive is part of The Petropolis of Tomorrow, a project designed by InfraNet Lab. For this project, the team is composed of principal architect Neeraj Bhatia, with Joanna Luo, Weijia Song and Alex Yuen.

I'm currently editing a very long interview with Neeraj Bhatia on The Petropolis of Tomorrow, and Recon-Figure, a project he designed with his another firm The Open Workshop. We also will be talking about other topics related to land-based urbanism, water-based urbanism, infrastructure, territorial operations, Bracket and of course InfraNet Lab and The Open Workshop.

InfraNet Lab is positioned as Lateral Office's lab. It is defined as a research collective exploring the spatial byproducts of contemporary resource logistics. I'm looking forward to knowing more about InfraNet Lab as well as The Open Workshop, in brief, about Neeraj Bhatia, who regularly collaborates with Mason White and Lola Sheppard.

For the most impatient readers, I recommend a look at Petropia the official website of The Petropolis of Tomorrow, or… more simply, the best is to wait patiently (let's say within two or three weeks).

Drift and Drive is part of the first phase of The Petropolis of Tomorrow, entitled Floating Frontiers. I won't say more.
I will merely post this video of the project Drift & Drive that explores a new method of building with water, also known as water-based urbanism adapted to resource extraction areas. The project is located in Macaé, Brazil, a shipping village-turned into a booming slick city.
As described in this video, one of The Petropolis of Tomorrow's ambitions is to reconfigure the spatial organization of Macaé by establishing an archipelago city composed of a network of floating islands to facilitate the mobility of workers and storage materials as well as the worker's living condition on site.
I'll go back to the project with the interview very soon.

 Credits: courtesy of © InfraNet Lab. The video originally appeared on Petropia.

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