Arc-en-Ciel Building in Bordeaux, France by Bernard Buhler

This Arc-en-Ciel Building (arc-en-ciel for rainbow), an atypical building designed by Bordeaux-based architect Bernard Buhler, contains a mix of dwellings and offices. It is implanted on site between tramways and buildings, in Bordeaux, France.
Arc-en-Ciel, Bordeaux, France © Bernard Buhler.

This curvilinear and colorful building is conceived to adapt to its site and its surrounding. A parvis generates a concentration of flows of cars, of tramways and of pedestrians.
© Bernard Buhler
> While different in terms of affect, the facade of the Arc-en-Ciel building
creates a harmony with its surrounding.

The envelope explores a differentiated affect by using coloring to integrate a layer of colorful glass louvers on pivoting bracket.
© Bernard Buhler

These louvers act as a screen that further masks the difference between inside and outside, increasing the differentiated affect. The STADIP glass — or STADIP protect — provides passive safety for the building.

© Bernard Bühler
> For the cladding of this mixed-use building, Bernard Buhler
uses vertical bands of colorful glass louvers to create a modular affect
that accommodate different programatic needs along the exterior. This
screen masks circulation along the facade as well as the interior.

From outside, the cladding of this Arc-en-Ciel building provides scale and visual performance to the box. This arrangement emphasizes the industrial aesthetic of the building.
© Bernard Buhler
> The envelope of the building itself is colored. Here the red coloring
is combined with the differentiated colors of the adjustable screens.
Circulation system with corridors that run along the facade generates different depths to the envelope.
© Bernard Buhler

The glass bow-windows play a double role: they allow for a wider view of the surrounding while protecting users from outside.
© Bernard Buhler
> Circulation with corridors along the façade gives depth to the envelope.
Operable louvers in open position facilitates the diffusion of
daylight and ventilation inside the building. When closed,
the inner spaces are protected against views from outside.

The base of the building is devoted to parking. The façade of this level is protected by steel gates which serves as protection against theft. A green wall is announced that will be protected by these steel gates. Offices are housed in the first level. 
© Bernard Buhler

Its glazing façade indicates the transition between various flow of circulation and dwellings. The other levels are devoted to housing units.
© Bernard Buhler
© Bernard Buhler

As mentioned, these levels incorporate corridors that offer a communication between the units to encourage social relations, then between the units — dwellings and offices — and the outside while protecting them from surroundings.
Aerial view of the site © Bernard Buhler
© Bernard Buhler
© Bernard Buhler
Interior © Bernard Buhler

Who is he?
Bernard Buhler Agency is founded in 2000 in Chartrons, Bordeaux, France. Bernard Buhler works on various projects among others social housing. He has a strong interest in the changing contexts of Bordeaux and its environment.

Building fact
Project: Arc-en-ciel
Program: housings and offices
Architect: Bernard Buhler
Area: housings — 3 658 sqm; offices — 772 sqm
Completion year: January 2010
Photograph: Vincent Monthiers
Client: Incite
Location: Bordeaux, France
Credit images: Bernard Buhler

Images originally appeared on architizer
Source: architizer

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