Solarflora — A Green Power for Public Spaces by Nectar

While debate of pros and cons — be it passionate or not — concerning the future of nuclear energy is intense — and will (or using 'may' is advisable) lead to improve and speed up research upon the future energy sources —, Nectar proposes an fascinating green power for public spaces, titled with modesty Solarflora.
Solarflora — Green power for Public Spaces © Nectar

This green power is the mix of green consciousness and sleek and sustainable ultra-modern design. Solarflora is a fully functional solar generator announced to be capable of providing green power at public spaces, pays elegant and stylized tribute to nature's simple beauty.
© Nectar

It can hold one, two, three, or four solar panels and supplying up to 420 watt-hours of electricity per day of depending on leaf configurations, Darren Saravis of Nectar says.
© Nectar

This curvilinear petal-like green power is made out of three modular leaves. These leaves provide a soft light for dramatic effect.
© Nectar

The designer announced that each Solarflora is adjusted to the local geographic latitude to so that it is angled towards the sun to capture the maximum available energy.
© Nectar

This green power has been tested to withstand environmental constraints such as hurricane force winds.
© Nectar

The Solarflora integrated aircraft aluminum in the company's Southern California facilities using locally produced materials. Design and utility patents are pending.
© Nectar

Nectar is an award-winning product development company based in southern California. Our product design and development process is an interdisciplinary approach combining industrial design, mechanical engineering, and prototyping that ensures product designs are successfully executed into production. Established in 1992, we've been helping clients design products that connect to their users and expand their markets for over 16 years.
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Source: Nectar and evolo

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