Workshop: Agentware, a workshop and symposium directed by Alisa Andrasek and Jose Sanchez

Agentware is a seven-day workshop in Rovinj, Croatia directed by Alisa Andrasek of Biothing and Jose Sanchez of Genware. Its focus is generative algorithmic ecologies. The workshop will be followed by a two-day symposium entitled Proto/e/cologics. The symposium will bind together ideas of speculative realism in philosophy', expanding developments in science, and shifting modes of production as it pertains to design — all working towards a redefinition of materiality and adaptation in complex environments.
Agentware, © Biothing, Genware

2 day Symposium at Rovinj Croatia, 6-7 August 2011
The Symposium will tease out speculative directions for architecture that move beyond innocent and reductive approaches to ecology, as in notions of "sustainability" and "green". As Slavoj Zizek reminds, the so-called "balance of nature" is in itself a myth since catastrophes have always been an integral part of natural history.
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 Rather than acting from a position of idealization with regards to nature, can we conceive of agency within a condition that is already artificial, accepting noise and errors and embracing actual complexity? Recent tendencies in architecture take a unique point of view, with aesthetically novel and unnatural sensibilities emerging from a close scrutiny and study of apparently natural systems. These speculative tendencies are being driven by mathematical and computational abstractions that transform the way we understand the matter-information relationship. Instead of form being imprinted upon matter, matter is understood as an active agent in its own formation. These formative movements can be seen to enable the hybridization and incorporation of complex natural agencies into architecture. Through this matter-information convergence and under conditions far from equilibrium, architecture begins to fuse with a denaturalized material ecology.
Agentware © Biothing, Genware

Speakers: Wold Prix, Reza Negarestani, Patrik Schumacher, Enric Ruiz Geli, Sanford Kwinter, François Roche, Ed Keller, Tom Kovac, Sylvia Lavin, Adrian Lahoud, Michael Meredith, Brett Steele, Daniela Zyman, Jeff Kipnis, Usman Haque, Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, Srecko Horvat, Bruno Juricic, Alisa Andrasek.
Agentware © Biothing, Genware

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