The new notion is Photosynthesis which appears to be one of these concepts that raise numerous research in the architectural and engineering fields — in particular ecological engineering. I present, below, an abstract or beta version of the definition of this concept.

Photosynthetis defines the process by wich plants, algae, from light to form organism to form organic compounds from inorganic substrates.
Photosynthesis takes place in plant leaves. Plants, algae, and many species of bacteria are autotrophs or 'self-feeders' since they can create their own food. These autotrophs convert water, carbon dioxide and light energy into oxygen and sugars. Oxygen is then excreted along the water vapour, through the stomata, the pores in leaves and stems as a waste product. Sugars are used as food to produce energy for these autotrophs. Photosynthesis is essential for living species, humans included.
Green Gorgon — Aerial view of the 3D, R&Sie(n)

The study of photosynthesis opens new approaches in fields of architecture and engineering, i.e. recent research upon self-sufficient buildings and cities. A large number of researchers and specialists assert that the study of photosyntetic plants can help learn how to build carbon-negative buildings and passive energy.  
Green Gorgon — Croissance of the vegetation © R&Sie(n)
The Green Gorgon, for instance, a museum for the City of Lausanne designed by R&Sie(n), is much more an 'non-identifiable" organic than a building, "more a landscape than an urbanism, more a forest than architecture".

Green Gorgon — Plan of the coque © R&Sie(n)
The facade is wrapped with hydro-aeroponic, biodynamic green hairs (vertical vegetal partitions on independently micro-irrigated substrate) and urban nature, precisely, photosynthetic systems which function is to recycle and clean waste water. These photosynthetic systems can also help reduce emission of carbon dioxide of the museum.

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