News: Revitalizing Cities Think Tank April 28-April 30

Revitalizing Cities Think Tank: April 28-April 30, 2011. It will begin at 8:00 am EDT and conclude at 5:45 pm EDT.
Here is the summary of this program:

The "Revitalizing Cities" Think Tank will seek to reconceive the urban agenda. While we have witnessed social progress in cities in the latter half of the 20th century, urgent domestic and international challenges remain. Why has there not been more progress? What's missing? What are the emerging social innovations? How can we build a a better social infrastructure? Tackling these issues requires not only cross-sector thinking but also advanced leadership to identify and enact 21st century solutions. The event will involve 120-150 prominent public officials, experts, advocates, social entrepreneurs, thinkers and community leaders such as you. It will present concrete examples of innovative and proven strategies, while fostering dialogue on how experienced leaders can help fill leadership gaps.
Prior to the start of the Think Tank, we produced a series of Think Pieces on HBR. Which generated thought and discussion. To supplement the live streaming of the Think Tank, we will be posting exclusive video interviews, podcasts, photos, and discussion on the Think Tank's Facebook page

From apart this video, you will find (if you have a Facebook account, and I presume you all have) on Revitalizing Cities' Facebook Page a series of interesting texts, posts, podcasts and videos.
Some examples:
Douglas Foy, Cities Are the Answer. What Was the Question?, posted in the blog page of Harvard Business Review
Marc Ott, Tools for Sustainable Cities, in the blog page of Harvard Business Review
Charlers Ogletree, Why Do We Keep Choosing Ineffective Urban Interventions?, in the blog page of Harvard Business Review

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