I continue the list of A. After adaptive capacity, the new notion is adaptiogenesis which is derived from adaptation, and is closely connected to adaptive capacity and resilience. I propose here, once again, an overview of the definition of the concept of adaptiogenesis, first the basic principles of this concept, second and finally its use in architectural field. Note that the following definition is an abstract.

Adaptiogenesis defines a complex environment that continues to evolve through adaptation. Adaptiogenesis is a discipline that helps observe and analyse living thing's behavior strategy facing environmental change. An example of this notion of adaptiogenesis is the study, titled A Model of biological differentiation in adaptiogenesis to the environment, undertaken by researchers Takamasa Sawada, Atsuko Mutoh, Shohei Kato and Hidenori Itoh focusing on biological differentiation, specifically on a computationary evolution model of biological differentiation, and on an ecology of birds. While adapting themselves to a change of temperature in their habitat, birds must be differentiated into two categories: a migratory bird and a resident bird. In winter season, migratory birds which skin becomes thinner can migrate at lower cost and are considered to be migratory bird. On the contrary, birds, which skin becomes thicker, can bear colder climate in winter. These birds are considered to be resident birds.
© Eda Yetis, AA Dip 16, 2008, Aerodynamic House for New Orleans

In morpho-ecology, adaptiogenesis can be defined as a process that adapts to evolutionary modifications of environmental parameters. It consists of studying the process of the continuous adjustment of a building, or in a larger scale, of a city to its environment. The architect Achim Menges gives an example of the definition of adaptiogenesis related to architecture and urbanism. An adaptable, flexible, dynamic, and self-organized city can show a sustainable development by its own following environmental factors and other parameters.

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