SANAA ongoing Parisian 135-unit social housing

SANAA, who has won the 2010 Priztker Price, is building 135-unit social housing development located 45-47 Marechal Fayolle Avenue in the 16th quarter of Paris. This project is the result of a project launched by the Paris Habitat -OPH. It will replace a building and a blockhaus. which had been slotted for demolition.
The programme consists of 135-unit housing 103-unit parking, and a part for landscape (not yet specified). This project aims at connecting housing, sustainability and quality.

As usually, the relationship between interior and exterior will be one of the core element. I can't confirm what kind of materials they will use till the project is not yet constructed. But the question of the relationship between interior and exterior is one of the key element of their architectural approach, so it may be not surprising that materials such as glass — to play with transparency — will be used.

This construction will be characterized by curved and generous façades, two orientations for more natural light, ventilation and views, probably for sustainability requirements. It will consist of 4 buildings that will be built on piles, 5 stories respectively. 

The landscaped part will be characterized by trees, so forth.
The site area is 4650 sqm near housings, a park and a road ring. At its side, it will border onto a park, tennis court, and at the back, buildings. It used to be a building and a blockhaus which were built in this site. Sanaa social housing project will be completed in January 2011.
I really update this post as soon as I will receive more information and pictures.

More pictures and information are available here: Architopik, Toit plus Toit, Cyberarchi.

135-unit social housing, 103-unit parking, landscape
45-47 Marechal Fayolle Avenue, 16th quarter of Paris
Site area: 4650 sqm
Client: Paris Habitat - OPH
Sanaa Team
Sejima Kazuyo, Nishizawa Ryue
Antoine Saubot and Michel Lévi, Extra Muros (associates)
Virginie Delostal Filliol, Extra Muros (landscape architect)
Projected completion date: January 2011

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