Roadmap 2050 by Rem Koolhaas's OMA

A short post on OMA Roadmap 2050.
I previously posted a text rather a short presentation of OMA's Roadmap 2050. I found the roadmap available in the Guardian website.
The map:
A quick reminder: the project consists of redrawing the map of Europe basing of a grid of shared renewable energy. OMA calls this 'Eneropa'. I invite the reader to read Rowan Moore's article "Roadmap 2050 by Rem Koolhaas's OMA" in order to get further information of this project of roadmap 2050 that I follow with a deep interest, and, by the way, to read Mohsen Mostafavi's book "Ecological Urbanism". To a certain extent, OMA's Roadmap can be one of many examples of what we call "ecological urbanism".
I and other bloggers such as dpr-barcelona, Duncan Smith, Luis Suarez, UrbanTick, to quote a few of them, discussed his interesting book. UrbanTick developed last week a very exciting project — Book - Ecological Urbanism - a Discussion — based on a discussion on and around this book.
In few days, I will post another version of my contribution (a little bit longer than the version available in UrbanTick) that will be accompanied with a short presentation of UrbanTick 'Book - Ecological Urbanism - a Discussion' project and my viewpoint on Ecological urbanism.

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