The City-Respiration Skyscraper

Following UrbanTick's editorial project on Ecological Urbanism, and my contribution on R&Sie(n), I post a short presentation of a project that I found on Evolo magazine's website: Algae-Powered Skyscraper Filters Air in Polluted Cities, must known as The City Respiration SkyscraperThis tower is a helicoidal  240 meter-high structure designed to clean the air of the most polluted cities worldwide, according to Evolo magazine. It has been designed by Czech architects Pavlina Dolezalova and Jan Smekal.
I don't know enough on these architects but they are among those young architects that we must follow.

I post some pictures of this project that I find very interesting on the concept of adaptive, etc. self-organisation, biomimetics, etc. 

All these pictures have been found on Evolo Magazine. The courtesy is of course from Pavlina Dolezalova and Jan Smekal.

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