Micropatches | an Ecology of Space

Aqualta by Studio Linfors
The cities of today have adopted a rather constructed space interpretation. It is filled with function and defined by a hierarchically organised activity scheme trained to fit the exercises ration. It works pretty well and most have managed to adapt to this interpretation, leaving only some baffled out unable to offer adaption possibilities.
As dpr-barcelona have beautifully illustrated in their most recent contribution to the Ecologycal Urbanism discussion in the post ‘Zoom in, zoom out. Focusing our cities under a microscope’ how aspects of scale play an essential role in the interplay between the different elements shaping space, moreover scale plays an other important role in actually understanding this interconnectedness between the different aspects. This relationship between scale and understanding, resolution and knowledge has powerful potential to illustrate the conduit an Ecological Urbanism potentially could develop.

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