Architecture Biennale Interview Now. Sanaa. Part One

This is an abstract of SANAA interview conducted by the art curator Hans Ulrich Obrist (Serpentine Gallery). He, probably, is one of the most talented interviewers of his generation. Obrist was invited by Sejima Kazuyo to develop an exhibition on the diverse practices of all the participants involved in this international event. This project is described as "a portrait of an exhibition". The objectives was to allow the viewers to stop and listen these interviews.
This exhibition was located in one of the halls of the old Arsenale building, a place that has been designed by SANAA.

Here is the first of these series of interviews...

Interviewed: sanaa 
interviewer: hans ulrich obrist 
project director: bettina korek
installation design: sanaa
Organized by: institute of the 21st century, pasadena arts council
where: venice architecture biennale
when: 2010
video courtesy: venice architecture biennale

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