Symposium | PROTO/E/CO/LOGICS 002: The Field Is Open

A project curated by Alisa Andrasek and Bruno Juriric of BiothingPROTO/E/CO/LOGICS 002 The Field Is Open. I had more time (busy trap), I would definitely be spending a lot of the weekend there.
The symposium itself looks very interesting including lots of excellent presentors — Alisa Andrasek, Bruno Juriric, Eyal Weizman, Saskia Sassen, Michael Meredeth, Benjamin Bratton, Roland Snooks, Philippe Morel, Keller Easterling, to limit to these names (see below for the participants). And the topics that will be discussed too: Contigency, Supersensitivity, Axiomatic Heresy, Non-Natural.

Envisioned as an open platform for rethinking increasingly complex landscape of architecture and asymptotic cultures, symposium PROTO/E/CO/LOGICS 002: The Field Is Open, foregrounds the necessity for resilient bounding of global-local, generic-particular relations and transference, a navigational system for which increasingly accelerated scientific discoveries within the manifest image of the world are taken not as obstacles but as opportunities for further synthesis.
Through expansion in material science, cloud computing, transformations in constructability and manufacturing (such as ongoing revolution with 3d printing) and internet of things, boundaries of architecture are becoming fuzzy and the Field is increasingly Open. In recognizing the active participation of nonhuman forces in events and understanding that the agency spawns beyond human, provides a new ground for addressing design ecology. Unlike the principles of total holism that have characterized earlier ecological thinking, what this kind of synthetic approach offers is resilience and redundancy of transient boundaries, with increased ability for interweaving contingent agencies. The role of those boundaries is not any more to enclose space, but rather to form tissue for osmotic exchange.

The symposium will be articulated into four topics: Supersensitivity-Physics, Axiomatic Heresy-Codes (Saturday 1st September); Contigency - Data, Non-Natural-Objects (Sunday 2nd September).
Saturday 1st September will gather: Eyal Weizman, Roland Snooks, Michael Meredith, Benjamin Bratton (moderator), Skylar Tibbits, Mark Fornes, Michael Hansmeyer, Alisa Andrasek (moderator).
Saskia Sassen, Philippe Morel, Benjamin Bratton, Keller Easterling, Adrian Lahoud (moderator), Hernan Diaz-Alonso, Bruno Juricic, Lucy McRae, Eva Franch Gilabert (moderator) will lecture Sunday 2nd September.

What: PROTO/E/CO/LOGICS 002 The Field Is Open
Where: Hotel Lone ı Rovinj ı Croatia
When: 01-02 September 2012
Curated by: Alisa Andrasek, Bruno Juricic / Biothing
For some additional Info, but, and more important, registration (still open): Here.

If you have a chance to go…

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