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Dear readers, dear friends,

Maybe some of you know this little publication, maybe not. Paper or Platform for Architectural Projects, Essays & Research, an independent and cross-disciplinary little publication actively run by students from the University of Westminster.
Paper Magazine issue 7 "White Tower of Ireland, an interview with Jamie Young"

I discovered this little publication while googling information, articles and other essays for a new post.

Paper Magazine has already launched 9 colorful issues (while you will only access to the 8th first issues on the website) including interviews from Iain Sinclair to David Garcia (MAP Architects), to Patrik Schumacher (Zaha Hadid), to Geoff ManaughPaper Magazine, however, is not just a little publication about interviews, or conversations; it collects essays, too, from students to architects.

I am deeply delighted to have discovered this little publication. Paper Magazine also runs a blog. They may have just started it and I will definitively follow it.

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