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The place of research in architecture is back as recent publications have demonstrated. In the following post on Alejandro Zaera-Polo's book The Sniper's Log, we have seen the importance of research in the discipline that, for those who encourage research, will have a strong impact on architect's practice and — for those who write, — writing.
I encourage those, who have not read it yet, to read this free publication AArchitecture edited by AA School. It is a pdf format. Thus, I suggest the AArchitecture 18 entitled Architecture as Research for a global vision on this question.

This being said, tomorrow, there will be a conversation-based symposium titled Apply: Conflict of Interests whose purpose is to address the place of
applied research in architecture. Nestled in an intersection between practice and theory, applied architectural research can potentially work as a space for overlap and negotiation.
This event will formally make explicit the opportunities for architectural research to bridge the gap between the archive and the laboratory.
Participants will be David Gissen, Thomas Keenan, Janette Kim, Mpho Matsipa, Sarah Whiting, Mabel Wilson, Kazys Varnelis, and Mark Wasiuta. In addition to the preceding list of names, this includes Ernesto Silva, Reinhold Martin, Janette Kim, Emanuel Admassu, Mark Wigley, Carolina Ihle, Lluis Alexandre Casanovas.

This conversation-based symposium will consist of five panels articulated by five questions: What is applied research in architectural pedagogy?; What is applied research in the context of a changing city?; What is applied research in reconstructing the past?; finally Can applied research account for what is outside of systems?

I am personally concerned in this question of research, its place in the discipline, how research is shaping architecture, etc. Research in architecture raises lots of questions… But unfortunately I won't — not to say 'I can't' — attend this symposium. If you are near New York, and tomorrow Friday 26 April at 2:00pm you are free, add this date in your calendar.
The address: 200, Fayerweather 1172 Amsterdam Ave, New York, New York 10027.

Those who, like me, can't attend this symposium but are interested in this question of research, read this issue of AArchitecture #18, as a first step and I will warmly and naturally recommend to read these little publications as instruments for research, from Bracket to San Rocco, to Pidgin, to Thresholds, to New Geographies, to Organs Everywhere (webmagazine with pdf of each issue), to Architectural Design, and you know the list is far from reaching a closure…

Source: suckerPunch and GSAPP

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