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Zagreb-based Think Space announced last week the new curators for the 2013/14 cycle. Barcelona-based dpr-barcelona will be in charged of the curatorial development of this year. The publishing and curatorial platform has chosen Money as main topic to this new edition. What if our cities were able to evolve without money? How economic flows reflect in the configuration of cities? How would it look like a "right of the city" initiative in a tax haven state? Can we design new territories that operate outside the traditional economic guidelines? Which is the role of the architect within this scenario (if there's one)? are a few questions that the curators will be exploring.

The whole presentation can be read on Think Space for further information.

Tonight will be the launch event and you are invited to participate in the discussion by submitting questions, or comment, to the curators, team, guests at 6:00 pm either at Think Space — if you are in Zagreb and nearby — or right in their Facebook page.

As usual, this edition is articulated around two parts: competition and call for papers. These call for submission will be examined by a jury composed of Keller Easterling, David Garcia and Pedro Gadanho.

Money 2013 Competition consists of three themes: Territories (curated by Map Architects' founder David Garcia), Culture and Society (not yet announced), and Environment (not yet announced).
Territories is the first competition to be launched earlier today. An open call for a design competition to discuss, address the economic and geopolitical future of the Arctic lands. As presented on Think Space — and I merely summarize the outline of this call for submission — Territories looks for a design proposal that tackles the present economic and territorial challenges in the present and future of the Arctic lands.

How can these seemingly antagonistic fields of action and clear political strategies be engaged via a clear design proposal? In communities where everything, except fish, has to be flown or shipped in, what alternatives can be devised to cur down on subsidy dependence? Is there a strategy that can circumnavigate natural resource exploitation, alternate sea routes to the economic advantage of each of the Arctic lands? In a land where 65% of the territory is protected, who owns the territory, polar bears, scientists or other future tenants?

About the competition general guidelines, I encourage the future participant to check out Think Space where she will find the information she needs for her submission including fees. Registration will be opened October 1 to December 3, 2013.

Any questions should be sent before September 30. Then, submission deadline is by November 4. Finally results will be announced December 3.

If you are interested or have any questions to the curators, go to Think Space's website. I will go back to this cycle in the near future, at least, when I'll have more information on the two other competitions.

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