Call for submissions: 306090 15 (Non-)Essential Knowledge for (New) Architecture

306090 15 (Non-)Essential Knowledge for (New) Architecture calls for submissions.

What is essential knowledge for architecture? This frequently posed question targets fundamental principles of design, those basic criteria and priorities through which disciplinary stability is ensured. Yet, insofar as relevance is a core value of architecture, in both theory and practice, the contingent nature of the future guarantees that some forms of knowledge not presently considered essential will eventually become indispensable.
With that condition in mind, the editors of 306090 15, (Non-)Essential Knowledge for (New) Architecture, seek cntributions that envision possible futures for architecture trhough speculations about new disciplinary knowledge. What specific methods, materials, or understandins — tools, ratios, formulas, properties, principles, guidelines, definitions, rules, practices, techniques, reference points, histories, and more — not presently considered essential to architecture could, or should, define its future? Pertinent knowledge might be previously forgotten, currently undervalued, generally misunderstood, or not yet recognized. Architects misunderstood, or not yet recognized. Architects have long looked both to the outmoded traditions of their discipline and to other fields altogether when imagining possible directions for their work. In blurring this boundary between essential and non-essential knowledge, this inquiry seeks not to codify the contemporary state of the art for architecture, or to assert the value of multidisciplinarity, but to envision, and potentially catalyze, new disciplinary approaches.
(Non-)Essential Knowledge for (New) Architecture will serve as both a gauge of contemporary concerns and a manual for emergent theory and practice. Submissions are sought from practitioners, theorists, historians, critics, artists, activists, and anyone else with direct or indirect interest in the future of architecture.

Deadline for submissions: Friday, March 30, 2012

More: Here.

306090, Inc. is an independent non-profit arts stewardship organization. Since its founding in 2001, 306090 has worked to support architect professionals and students by organizing publications and events geared towards forestering a community of ides and exchange within the field of design. Exploring contemporary issues in architecture "from every angle" 306090 is dedicated to opening up architectural discourse by publishing design projects, critical essays, and historic inquiries across a range of places, people and practices. Comprised of new work and untested ides from around the world, 306090's books are an arena of open criticism, addressing contemporary conditions in political, technological and artistic disciplines on the basis of how architecture can address them.
306090's most recent book, Sustain and Develop, includes a geographically and ideologically diverse range of over 50 individual contribuors. The series' fourteenth book, Making A Case, is currently in production and features radically new and varied ideas abouth the future of the American home.

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