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Rapidly, just to share a link initially shared by dpr-barcelona, radarq net (see also their Tumblr), Manu Fernandez and urbano humano: Urban Tactics. Temporary interventions and Long Term Planning, a project produced by Killing Architects, a studio for research and design in architecture and urbanism, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
I have not read it entirely yet but this is worth reading in my view. An abstract of the introduction to give a rapid glance at Killing Architects' project:
This research looks at four very different case studies of temporary use to try to draw general conclusions about the social, economic and political contexts conducive to these projects' success. To try to establish a comprehensive view of the process of realising a temporary project, this study was based on a series of interviews with a range of stakeholders in each case study — with representatives from the local municipality, with curators of the festivals and biennales which provided the framework for many of the temporary projects to take place, and with the designers and cultural planners who were actually trying to realise the interventions. The study focuses in particular on the relationship between the temporary projects and longer term planning and (re)development processes…
So this weekend will be studious (me included…).

Killing Architects' Urban Tactics: Temporary Intervention + Long Term Planning

Who are they?
Killing Architects is a studio for research and design in the fields of architecture and urbanism. The studio works across a range of scales, from that of an individual building up to the scale of a city, from initial feasibility studies through to construction.

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