Radio: Invisible Cities an episode of Between the ears | the BBC Radio 3

I warmly recommend to listen to Invisible Cities an episode part of the excellent programme Between the Ears produced by The BBC Radio 3. What it it? This episode is inspired by Italian writer Italo Calvino's novel "Invisible Cities".

Suggested book: Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities,  Harcourt Brace Jovanovich publishers, 1978 (English version).

This episodes attempts to reveal hidden, fantastical and surreal stories caught between the cracks of the modern city.
In this episode you will hear contribution from writers, urban explorers and mapmakers, among others PD Smith, an historian of city.
See also: PD Smith on Tumblr.
Note that this episode is available to listen for 7 days afterwards on BBC Radio 3 website, and as we are Sunday, you are only 6 days left. So go and listen to if you don't mind…

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