Lecture: The Oil Curse: How Petroleum Shapes the development of Nations

September 29th 2012, a lecture that explores how oil has shaped our society: The Oil Curse: How Petroleum Shapes the Development of Nations.
Those whose research focuses on Infrastructure and Energy, will probably be interested in attending it:

Countries that are rich in petroleum have less democracy, more conflict, and more economic turmoil than countries without oil. What explains this oil curse? Can it be fixed? And how should it change our understanding of the middle East and the Arab Spring?
Speakers are Michael Ross, Professor of Political Science also Director of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, at the University of California Los Angeles, and Dermot Gately, Professor of Economics, New York University.

I do not know if the debate will exclusively focus on economy, and geopolitics, it would be interesting to have further information as this question of the future of oil (as central and crucial to our society) is much more than a simple topic…

Location: 19 Washington Square North, NYUAD, if you have a chance to attend…

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