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If you have an interest in curatorial practice, performance, theory, and socio-political topics in architecture today, add in you calendar this one-day symposium programmed for 13 October. Participants are Pedro Gadanho (MoMA), RoseLee Goldberg (Performa), who will explore questions of political and aesthetic representation in their respective curatorial practices; Vito Acconci (Acconci Studio) and Jill Stoner (UC Berkeley) will address the hermeneutics of performativity in the critical and material destructuring of space. Artist Mary Ellen Carroll will talk the performative gesture in her work, and question architecture's appropriation of the public. Alex Schweder will present an architectural renovation in real time. Victoria Øye (Canadian Centre for Architecture), Brynn Hatton (Northwestern University), Carlin Wing (New York University), and Timothy Simonds (Brown University) will discuss recent research on the materialization of performance in contemporary architecture.

Performing Architecture is a one-day symposium - on Saturday, October 13, 2012 — bringing together significant theorists and practitioners in the fields of architecture and performance and inviting a broader engagement with the artistic and academic community. In parallel with the art world's return to performance and a renewed search for architecture's social and political relevance, this symposium seeks to move beyond disciplinary hegemony in the dissemination of architecture today.
With the issues addressed at Performing Architecture, we hope to offer lasting provocations to how we think of the body, space, structure, and design in the disciplines of performance and architecture — and somewhere between the two.
So if you are in the Princeton area…
Date: 13 October, 2012
Where: James Stewart '32 Theater
Princeton University Lewis Center for the Arts, 185 Nassau Street, Princeton, New Jersey

More (registration, programme, schedule): here.

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