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Last week Concrete Mushrooms, a forthcoming book, edited by Gyler Mydyti and Elian Stefa, published by the excellent dpr-barcelona publishing, posted this intriguing video.
Very curious about this editorial project, I am planning to discuss this book with the publishers and (I hope) the authors when the book will be launched. I confess to be ignorant concerning these abandoned Bunkers: can we consider them as "ruined" or even "guilty architecture"? how can we recycle them? Other questions include the origin of the construction of these bunkers, their purpose and their use in the communist era with the aim of drawing a history of architecture in the communist era. In short, the book — and this documentary below — raises an array of questions that wait impatiently for responses.

-= FULL LENGTH =- Concrete Mushrooms - THE DOCUMENTARY from Concrete Mushrooms on Vimeo.

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