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It is very rare (if not, never discussed, or/and even mentioned, here): this post will be related to jobs. But don't worry: not directly (Neither am I armed to address this issue nor I have this desire to launch any discussion on this yet very crucially concern that I will not control), this is more the map on its own — an interactive map — that is on focus here.

But first allow me for briefly mapping the French situation before going back to the map. It has been largely said that (unless you are not Europeans or, who knows, have no interest in France) France is facing grave economic issues. Issues that can be summed up into two points: Lack of competitivité (competitiveness) and a chronic inability to bring down public spending.
Today, Le Monde, a French newspaper, revealed an interesting interactive map that measures unemployment rate which has passed over 10%, as The Economist pointed out.

Detail: Unemployment rate in the Hexagonal France and Corsica over the past decade (2003 to 2012)
Originally appeared on Le Monde
As mentioned above, Le Monde posted a map that charts where unemployment has grown in the Hexagon (l'hexagone) and Corsica ( overseas departments and territories of France — known as Dom Tom in French — not included) identifying variation in unemployment across the Hexagon over the past decade (2003 to 2012). Based on INSEE (French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies), this map tracks data per cities and towns. These data per area then are compared with national unemployment rate.
Evolution of jobless rate in France, in 2003
Originally appeared on Le Monde

A very simple but dynamic interactive map that measures unemployment rate from 2003 to 2012 to have a fresh look on unemployment in France. The green colors indicate average percentage unemployment rate from 6% to 9%, orange colors from 9% to 11%, and the red colors more than 12%.
The user must slide a little bracket in blue into the right or the left (depending on the year's data the user is looking for) to measure the evolution of the unemployment rate. And colors change instantaneously.

Quarterly jobless rate in France in 2007
Originally appeared on Le Monde
In doing so, the bracket, then, modifies data for both the map and the line chart.
 In this link, you will access to the interactive map where you will manipulate date per year. This map functions as follows: quarterly jobless rate and evolution of jobless rate between two terms. Note however that Data and legends are in French (French speakers: you will have a full access to this map. Non-French speakers: don't worry the map is easy enough to be understood…).
Quarterly Jobless Rate in France, in 2012
Originally appeared on Le Monde

All of this leads to a final statement as some comments — ironically — say in this newspaper (in French again): the areas where the jobless rate is low are not yet concerned with companies that close their doors…

Source: Le Monde.

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