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In your calendar, a series of lectures and seminars:
We start with Benjamin Bratton. If you are in London and its areas, January 24th, 18:30-20:00, at Bartlett University, Faculty of the Built Environment, Benjamin Bratton will be giving a talk. I include below the advertisement:
2 or 3 Things I know About the Stack: Projects and Projections Toward the Acceleration of Integral Accidents

As a regime, planetary computation operates at multiple scales, from cloud computing to addressable nanobots. Instead of thinking of this heterogeneity as a unstructured proliferation of incommensurable technologies, they should be understood as layers of an emergent hardware/software stack. The Stack is a megastructure built out of far-flung data centers, embedded urban applications, universal addressing schemes, weird quasi-sovereign geographies, and maniacal self-quantification. How might the emergent geopolitics of this architecture be designed? Each layer generates its own productive accidents: Westphalian geometries of State sovereignty are augmented by an emergent Cloud Polis, even Cloud Feudalism. Cities and mobile software spin out new rights and restrictions to a global hypercity based as much on the capitalization of gestures as the acceleration of mobility. IPv6 and other universal addressing schemes link objects and events into abyssal fields of information exchange. Monotheisms rush in to invest new interfaces with primodial scripts. Augmentation of skin with nanosensors introduces new genres of epidermal media and biopolitical securization. How to intervene? Designing for the post-Anthropocene requires working across multiple scales at once, working backwards from catastrophic virtualities, and testing the breaking points of provisional totalities.

Where: UCL Faculty of the Built Environment, Ground Floor, Royal Ear Hospital, corner of Huntley Street and Capper Street, London,
When: 24 January 2013, 6:30pm-8:00pm

For details: here.
Note that Benjamin Bratton's next essay The Stack: On Software and Sovereignty (this lecture supposedly will give an outlook of his book) is upcoming from MIT Press (visit Benjamin Bratton's website for more info)

Those based in Houston, will be interested in this lecture series New Commons: Between Aesthetics and Engagement. Participants are Pedro Gadanho (Curator of Contemporary Architecture at the Museum of Modern Art, New York), Luis Callejas (Principal, LCLAOFFICE, Medellin, Colombia, and Cambridge, USA), David Gissen (Associate Professor, The California College of the Arts, San Francisco), Xaveer de Geyter (Principal, XDGA Architects, Brussels, Belgium). Below, the advertisement:
New Commons: Between Aesthetics and Engagement
The lecture series brings together architects and scholars who redefine the capacity of architectural aesthetics in engaging with the world.
Recent examples of architectural engagement frequently reduce the architect's role to that of a problem solver. Offering an alternative to this role, this series will investigate new practices within architecture that showcase the architect as not merely a respondent, but as an active agent capable of building new ideas and languages as they relate to the city, the environment, and geography. By focusing on the work of these architects and thinkers, the series will establish a new commons — that is, a ground for forging new and more productive relationships between aesthetics and engagement.

This lecture series will be starting with Pedro Gadanho, Wednesday, the 16th. It then will be followed by Luis Callejas, (Wednesday, January 23), David Gissen (Wednesday, February 6), and Xaveer de Geyter (Tuesday, February 19).
Where: Brown Auditorium, Caroline Weiss Law Building, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
When: Lectures starts at 7 p.m. with a pre-lecture reception at 6 p.m.
More info: here.

Rice School of Architecture, again, with other events including Sébastien Marot (École d'Architecture, Marne-La-Vallée, France, and Harvard Graduate School of Architecture) who'll be discussing The Present Environmental Predicament: Design and the Limits to GrowthGregg Pasquarelli/SHoP Architecture, on Out of Practice, March 5; Atelier Bow Wow on Architectural Genealogy, April 4; and Jeanne Gang/Studio Gang on Moving House, March 26.
More: here.

Wednesday 16 January at Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture, Louisiana State University, 5PM, Mason White of Lateral Office and InfraNet Lab, will be lecturing on The Space of Logistics.

I, unfortunately, don't have much more information about this lecture. I, thus, warmly recommend to contact directly the University for details.
When: Robert Rech School of Landscape Architecture Louisiana State University
When: Wednesday 16 January 2013, 5pm

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