ULGC announcing new birth: Dziga Press

I'm taking the advantage of updating the previous post on the call for submissions for my first editorial project Uncertain Territories to announce that I just established a new but bigger project: Dziga Press. I just launched the beta version of Dziga Press's website. Some pages are still empty… I, in fact, am hardly juggling with the business plan, the website, and other plans for communication, and so (not the easiest and funniest tasks but very important). The website will be officially launched by 2014 and so I will use this website as a beta version.

Let me outline this project on which I have been working for two years now.
Dziga Press is a new project, precisely an independent publishing and printing platform for architects, designers, urbanists, curators, and writers.

This little platform will publish titles on architecture, landscape, engineering, urbanism, geography, geology, urban anthropology…

We specialize in traditional work including theoretical essays, writings, catalogues, and monographs. We will be also exploring other forms of writing including neo-traditional literary genres… architectural fiction, pamphlets.

The first project that will be published by Dziga Press will be Uncertain Territories as an annual publication.

I am presently working on a first collection that will explore architectural fiction. This series will invite architects, designers, engineers, strategists, urbanists, and writers to speculate, write about… future, a blurry, gloomy, uncertain, unpredictable, improbable future. This series will consist of short essays (maximum 60 pages) in digital and printed formats. For the printed format, we will use a… stencil duplication process (and this is of course… the riso) but also other printed processes.

I hope to launch the first publications by the end of this year, if not by 2014, who knows…

Anyway, last  but not least Uncertain Territories will be published by Dziga Press by 2014.

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