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Update: Yesterday Lateral Office announced Arctic Adaptations' website. You'll find first information on the proposal. Note that the project, then, will travel in Canada in 2015-16. An extensive publication titled Next North will be launched for this occasion.
Map of Canada | © Lateral Office Team/ Arctic Adaptations
Originally appeared on Arctic Adaptations

Toronto-based Lateral Office/InfraNet Lab, also founder of the little publication Bracket, has been chosen to represent the Canadian Pavilion at Venice Architecture Biennale 2014, as you know, an edition that will be curated by Rem Koolhaas. Lateral Office/InfraNet Lab is one of the agencies I have been following for, probably, 6 years or so. I am working very hard on an interview that I would like to request to them to discuss a series of topics related to their practice, to Bracket, and also new orientations and roles of architecture.

For this new edition, Lateral Office will present Arctic Adaptations a project that will be articulating five themes: northern health, recreation, housing, education and arts.

To have a first overview of their proposal for this edition 2014, two (first) articles announcing Lateral Office's participation I suggest to read: Canadian The Globe and Mail and a webmagazine of architecture Azure. Below two abstract.
Map of Nunavut | © Lateral Office Team/ Arctic Adaptations
Originally appeared on Arctic Adaptations

First The Globe and Mail. The title of this article written by James Adams is Nunavut Project wins Canadian Spot at Venice Biennale in Architecture:
In an interview, White called Koolhaas's theme "fortuitous" and "a pretty powerful one for us since [with Arctic Adaptations] we're dealing with such a new territory [Nunavut was created in April 1999], a new government and such a youthful population [33 per cent of its 32,000 residents is 14 years and under. Average age: 25]." The theme's a fit, too, in that Inuit knowledge has been "so resourceful and intelligent" over the centuries in adapting to fundamentals, "extreme ones," of climate, geography, mobility.
The White/Sheppard presentation will be housed in the Canadian Pavilion in Venice's Giardini di Castello June 7 through Nov. 23, 2014. Diplomatically described by White as "a quirky and unique space," the rather small glass-and-wood pavilion was built in 1958, ostensibly in the spiral shape of a nautilus shell. It's Lateral Office's intention t recast the pavilion, often castigated as a "frustration" for artists, installers and curators, as a kind of "ice-floe landscape… to make it seem more spacious, to push things to the perimeter… to get a little more quietness in there" so as to create "a sense of coolness, atmospherically speaking, and the vastness of the actual landscape."
The following abstract is that of  Nina Boccia entitled Lateral Office to Curate Canadian Pavilion in Venice for Azure. An article quite short offering complementary aspect of Lateral Office's proposal:
The proposals will derive from collaborations among five design teams, each of which will pair an architecture school with a firm that has worked in the region, and five Nunavut-based organizations. Besides Lateral Office, the firms include Stantec and Kobayashi + Zedda Architects, while participating schools include Dalhousie University and the University of Manitoba. They will come up with solutions for the sectors of health, education, housing, recreation and the arts, while considering the impacts of climate change and population growth on the region.
Pamphlet Architecture offers a good understanding of Lateral Office's work with the 30th issue Coupling. Strategies for Infrastructural Opportunism. This issue shows a part of Lateral Office's project. And with evidence another occasion is Bracket: On Farming (sold out) and Goes Soft
Render. Aerial view | © Lateral Office Team/ Arctic Adaptations
Originally appeared on Arctic Adaptations

If I can have them for an interview, I will of course let you know…

Source: The Globe and Mail and Azure.

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