First Call: 20th International Urban Planners Exhibition — Premier Exhibition in Nis

The urban Planners Exhibition is a traditional annual manifestation of Serbian Town Planners Association, which is the review of the most important actual work in the field of spatial and urban planning, designing and realizations. After premier exposition in Nis, the Exhibition will be presented in other cities in Serbian and abroad.
Eligible Participants of The 20th Urban Planners Exhibition are the members of The Urban Planners Association of Serbia, institutions and individuals from Republic of Serbia, Republic of Montenegro and Republic Srpska. The invitations for participation in The 20th Urban Planners Exhibition will be also sent to correspondent professional unions and urban planning associations abroad.

Character and content of The 20th Urban Planners Exhibition
The 20th Urban Planners Exhibition will be organized with works in the following categories:

  1. Spatial Plans
  2. General Urban Plans
  3. Plans of General Arrangements
  4. Regulation and Detail Urban Plans
  5. Urban Projects and Realizations
  6. Competitions
  7. Urban Studies and Researches
  8. Environmental Protection through Studies and Plans
  9. Information and Technologies Applications
  10. Publications
  11. Students' works
Propositions for participation on The 20th Salon of Urbanism
Works that were not exhibited before are allowed to be submitted. Application should contain graphic illustration of the work and textual data of the work and author including short description of the work (for the catalogue).
Deadline for the application of the works (form and illustration) is 03th October 2011, and all works must be delivered till 24th October 2011.
Selection commission starts on the 26nd October 2011, and will conclude the list of works that participate at the Exhibition and that will be present in the catalogue on 27rd October 2011.
Jury will be in session on 6th November 2011. Jury will take into consideration only those works that meet the conditions and that were recognized by the Selection Commission as valid.
Total number of works that will be performed is not limited, but the number of student works should not exceed 10 percent of all works that will take part at the Exhibition (to be limited by Selection commission)

Contact Svetlana Jakovljevic for detailed information (registration, preparation of the works for the exhibition, awards…)

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