Tower of the day: Meta-Tower in France by Karim Hassayoune and Aude Morgenthaler

You may have already seen this project proposed by French architects Karim Hassayoune and Aude Morgenthaler. They submitted this design proposal for the eVolo (once again) 2010 Skyscraper Competition. I find their idea of real-time multi-layered tower or Meta-Tower interesting to consider it as the tower of the day. This tower acts as a vertically 'collage' of parameters as seen below.
Meta-Tower in France © Karim Hassayoune and Aude Morgenthaler

The starting point is based on three questions: How many high-rise buildings become obsolete, sometimes even before they're finished, just because they're in dissonance with the needs of the moment?

Can we keep building always higher and faster without loosing touch with real-life needs and expectations?

Is formal complexity alone a pertinent answer to address the evergrowing complexity of the chaotic events that shape our world?
Meta-Tower © Karim Hassayoune and Aude Morgenthaler

This vertical multi-layered building is conceived as an open structure that "represents a specific moment in time while testing new architectural problems and solutions", the architects say. As one can see, time plays an important role in this project; the tower grows almost in real-time, the architects add.
Meta-Tower in France © Karim Hassayoune and Aude Morgenthaler

This participative tower — insofar as the Meta-Tower in France is open to all participants from architects to decisioners — stacks data such as demography, societal, political, natural, climatical, to name a few.
The question is not to ask is if it is buildable or unbuildable. The Meta-Tower in France must be considered as a new paradigm, that is "a tower that grows and evolves through time stratum by stratum, at a sound pace, designed by everyone for everyone."

Source: eVolo

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