News: Bavli Towers, Tel Aviv unveiled by Gal Nauer Architects

Gal Nauer Architects (GNA) announced today its architectural design for the Bavli Towers, a new quality residential development of magnificent design in Tel-Aviv's Bavli neighborhood. Spanning approximately 27 acres, the complex will be comprised of six visually stunning 44-story towers and feature the latest innovations in architecture, interior design and green technology.

Bavli Towers, Tel Aviv, Israel, Gal Nauer Architects

The Bavli Towers will contain a total 880 condominium residences ranging from 1,100 to 5,000 square feet and are situated on an exquisite landscaped plateau, which naturally blends with Ha'Yarkon Park, known as Tel Aviv's "Central Park." The unique design of the structures makes the Bavli Towers one of, if not the most, architecturally and technologically advanced developments in Tel-Aviv.

Construction is on schedule to begin in the summer of 2011 and completion of the first high-rise tower is anticipated for 2013.

"Designing these 44-story towers, which have all of the qualities of a private home, a strong connection to the neighborhood and a true sense of community, represents the next generation of architecture and a new standard of modern luxury living," said Gal Nauer, founder and president of Gal Nauer Architects. "We are delighted to have designed this premier residential development for the real estate group of Diur, Amtash and Elad-Israel Group."

The complex, which is in the process of achieving LEED certification, will be surrounded by an environmentally friendly, green perimeter that allows underground-only access for vehicles. The perimeter and other green qualities will create a private, serene lifestyle for residents, who will enjoy luxurious amenities including an outdoor swimming pool with an extensive landscaped area, a state-of-the-art gym, residents' lobby lounge and panoramic city views in each condominium unit. In addition, major transportation, neighborhood shops, cafes and public community areas are all within walking distance.

"As one of the Largest green initiatives for Tel-Aviv and the 21st century, the Bavli Towers will attract a diverse population seeking an urban lifestyle in an environmentally forward-looking community," added Ms. Nauer.

Bavli is a neighborhood of Tel-Aviv that was founded in 1957 and developed rapidly over the next several decades. Due to its proximity to the city center and an influx of development in recent years, Bavli has turned into a flourishing upscale community thriving with couples and growing families living within the area.

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