Snøhetta unveiled its proposals for the Maggie's Cancer Caring Center, in Aberdeen, Scotland

Snøhetta revealed its proposals for Maggie's Cancer Caring Center for Aberdeen, Scotland. This single-story Cancer Caring Center consists of a curvilinear pavilion-like building with two voids.
Maggie's Cancer Caring Center in Aberdeen © Snøhetta

Located at the southern boundary of Foresterhill at the edge of the Westburb field, the 350-square-meter Center will profit from its environment to provide the best climate for its patients facing cancer. A lush grass field, with existing tree line along the Westburn, new planting of Maple trees, a group of Beech trees constitute the natural elements of the site. A courtyard created by a big void will be covered with a mix of hard and soft surfaces with a centrally planted Flowering Cherry Tree, as the section below shows, the agency says.
Maggie's Center — Section CC © Snøhetta

While being connected to the hospital, the Maggie's Center is announced to be independent.
Maggie's Cancer Caring Center in Aberdeen — Plan © Snøhetta.

As mentioned above, the big void operates as not only a courtyard but also a skylight, allowing the connection between interior and exterior. It can also double as a lighting system by night. The building will be clad in a hard concrete.

Maggie's Cancer Caring Center in Aberdeen — Section AA © Snøhetta

This Cancer Caring Center will be conceived to allow for the best environment for its users: personal, patients and visitors. As Charles Jencks argues: "Snøhetta, coming from the Norwegian culture, has great insight into the life and landscape of the Scots — particularly Aberdeen, a short hop from Oslo. Their mixture of a warm interior of furnishing embraced by a protective shell strikes just the right balance for Maggie's."
Maggie's Cancer Caring Center in Aberdeen — Section BB © Snøhetta.

Its interior will reflect the exterior environment by selecting soft timber materials. In this context, the interior will contrast with the exterior cladded with hard concrete.
Maggie's Cancer Caring Center in Aberdeen — Ground Floor Plan © Snøhetta.
The Cancer Caring Center consists of one ground floor level and a small mezzanine devoted to the office functions. The mezzanine allows to break the linearity of the plan.

Building facts
Project: Maggie's Cancer Caring Center
Architects: Snøhetta
Category: Installations
Size: 350 sq. m.
Status: In progress
Location: Aberdeen

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