Video of 2011: Architecture for Humanity: Moving from Relief to Recovery

While the Tohoku Planning Forum continues to implement a rebuilding strategy and implementation process for the Tohoku region, here is a video that marks this year 2011. As we are slowly but surely go to the end of the year, it is time to pause and look back over 2011 to deliver ULGC's best (or worst) news, videos, etc. This first video will be that of Architecture for Humanity.
But firstly, as regularly mentioned, I am working hard in a set of new editorial projects that will be added to this blog. It requires time, hence I am late. Then I just went back from Tokyo after a happy and rich 3-month trip where I met interesting people among others Christian Dimmer, Chris Berthelsen, Tanijiri Makoto, or Julian Worrall, to quote but a few. I attended many conferences among others that of which was organized in the framework of the UIA2011 Tokyo and gathered architects such as Fujiwara Teppei.
Let's move to the first video of best of 2011: Architecture for Humanity: Moving from Relief to Recovery. As it was reported on ArchDaily:
Design Open Mic, led by Cameron Sinclair and Chapters Coordinator Frederika Zipp, updated staff and attendees on their current relief efforts in response to the Sendai earthquake in Japan. Currently a Program Advisory Board has been assembled and Architecture for Humanity is continuing to focus their efforts on developing a rebuilding strategy and implementation process.
Originally appeared on Archdaily.

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