Today's project: Biopole, Rennes, France by Peripheriques Architects

Located in Rennes, France, Biopole, designed by Paris-based Peripheriques Architects consists of a 2,560-square meter (SHON) business incubator on a quadrangular site. This building will house biotechnological activities including laboratories and private offices with laboratories, logistic rooms and common tertiary sectors.
Biopole, Rennes, France, © Peripheriques Architects

Below is the architects' presentation:

The side that we have taken in the urban implantation as well as in the architecutral expression consists of a large quadrangle around an atrium-patio.
The ambivalent needs to create a program that will not only preserve the confidentiality of the companies but also provide a good facade insulation which leads to a sort of a "fortified" architecture quite in the opposite of the desired convivial working space.
Biopole — Details, Rennes, France © Peripheriques Architects

We have got around this obstacle by proposing an organisation around a partially planted atrium situated on the first floor. Given the good orientation, this space would be at the same time an access, a space to relax and an opening to the reception. A large staircase partially planted links it to the ground floor plan and to the parking. The patio is the reference space of our project.
Biopole — Atrium, Rennes, France © Peripheriques Architects

On the exterior, the facade is covered by a protective and filter envelope. This sinusoidal stiles form a sensitive, thick skin acting also as a canopy. The gap is created by superimposing the sinuosoidal timber frame on the vertical stiles of the passageways. It produces a dynamic watering affect.
Biopole — Entrance, Rennes, France © Peripheriques Architects

The Biopole consists of two noble levels and a technical terrasse based on a retreat. The building is organised around the central landscape atrium.
Biopôle — Plans, Rennes, France © Peripheriques Architects

The interior spaces are totally flexible and rational. The building is based on a frame of 1 meter 55 of spacing determining the structure implantation, the façades, the subdivisions, etc… The project owes to be perfectly rational.
Biopole — Rond-Point, Rennes, France © Peripheriques Architects

Allied to the frame, the perfect square plan is controlled in an annual disposition. This organisation allows for a total flexibility in the interior fitting in the service of the young companies in creation phase.
Biopole — Rond-Point, Rennes, France © Peripheriques Architects
Biopole — Scheme, Rennes, France © Peripheriques Architects
The budget is scheduled to be completed by 2013.

Project fact
Project: Biopole
Program: Business incubator hosting biotechnological activities comprising laboratories and private offices with laboratories and private offices with laboratories, logistic rooms and common tertiary sectors
Architects: Peripheriques Architects — Emmanuelle Marin + David Trottin + Anne-Françoise Jumeau
Project manager: Julie-Laure Anthonioz
Assistants: S. Raza, C. Oiry, T. Dantec, J. Piffaut
BET TCE, HQE: Iosis Centre Ouest, Agence Rennes
BET Acoustique: Peutz & Ass.
Rendering: Autre Image
Client: Territories, representative, acting on behalf of the Community of Rennes urban area
Area: 2560 sqm SHON (net floor area)
Location: Atalante Champeaux, Rennes (35), France
Cost: 4,89m euros not including VAT (Value of 09/2009)
Competition: October 2010
Date of completion: by October 2013

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