Architecture: BIG Unveiling plans for Yongsan International Business District, Seoul

BIG just unveiled plans for a two-in-one skyscraper in Seoul, South Korea, much known as Yongsan International Business District.
An order of interlocked horizontal and vertical parallelepipeds in form. Two vertical towers — the East Tower and the West Tower — interconnected by bridges. A skyscraper shaped like a # symbol, Bjarke Ingels says.
Yongsan International Business District, Seoul © BIG.
Originally appeared on Wired UK.
> Aesthetically, one may have noticed that this pixelated skyscraper does not break down
with surrounded pixelated towers. The voids creating by this spatial and organizational strategy
allows for circulation of light and ventilation to the below ground level and surrounded streets.

As usual, BIG's diagrams are very wordy, in a way. They show in various angles, interlocked volumes, green features and paths,  the relationship of the skyscraper and its surrounding.
Skyscraper in Seoul © BIG.
Originally appeared on Wired UK.
> This aerial view provides information concerning the organization of green features and other activities on the
top of these bridges. Trees, and other plants will be planted on the top accessible via staircase.

The # symbol creates voids that may facilitate circulation of light, and ventilation. It may participate as a landmark in Seoul, as well.
Skyscraper in Seoul © BIG.
Originally appeared on Wired UK.
> This view shows the domination of green features, or landscaped bridge to quote Bjarke Ingels. As said, a part of this bridge will be perforated to connect inner spaces to these garden.
Staircase will be used as a connector as well.
Note the path to circulate on the top of the bridge.

According to the Wired UK, tops of the bridges, situated at 140m and 70 m in height, will feature roof gardens accessible to residents. Other green element is the courtyard located below the ground level with paths. Ingels says to the Wired UK:
Skyscraper in Seoul © BIG.
Originally appeared on Wired UK.
> Below the ground level, a communal courtyard including a promenade, trees as a quiet space within the city. At least this may be the function of this courtyard.

The Cross # Towers constitute a three-dimensional urban community of interlocking horizontal and vertical towers. Three public bridges connect two slender towers at different levels -- underground, at the street and in the sky.
Skyscraper in Seoul © BIG.
Originally appeared on Wired UK.
> With its form, this skyscraper may act as a landmark in this part of Seoul.

The diagram below shows the articulation of these horizontal parallelepipeds acting as connectors to the two vertical towers.
Skyscraper in Seoul © BIG.
Originally appeared on Wired UK.
> Note the integrated green features. A communal courtyard including paths (after some diagrams) and
bridges covered with gardens that will be accessible to the residents.
Bjarke Ingels continues with:
Skyscraper in Seoul © BIG.
Originally appeared on Wired UK.

Catering to the demands and desires of different residents, age groups and cultures, and the bridges are landscaped and equipped for a variety of activities traditionally restricted to the ground. The resultant volume forms a distinct figure on the new skyline of Seoul — a "#" that serves as a gateway to the new Yongsan Business District signaling a radical departure from the crude repetition of disconnected towers towards a new urban community that populates the three-dimensional space of the city.
For those who study the role of diagrams on BIG's architecture, or simply appreciate diagrams, check out BIG's website for more details.

Source: Wired UK.

Building Facts

Project: Yongsan International Business District
Architects: BIG
Partner in Charge: Bjarke Ingels, Thomas Christoffersen, Finn Nørkjær
Project Leader: André Schmidt
Project Manager: Kamilla Hasjke, Cat Huang
Team: Buster Christensen, Jeppe Ecklon, Tobias Hjortdal, Jakob Sand, Mikkel Marcker Stubgaard, Camila Luise de Andrade Stadler, Lorenzo Boddi, Karol Borkowski, Igor Brozyna, Edouard Champalle, Erik de Haan, Shun Ping Liu, Enea Michelesio, Daram Park, Lucian Racovitan, Teresa Fernandez Rojo, Julian Salazar, Laura Youf, Seung Huyn Yuh, Paolo Venturella, Yang Du.
Type: Commission
Client: Dreamhub
Collaborators: Arup Dublin (SMEP, Façade) & Amsterdam (Lighting), Martha Schwarz Partners (MSP), SIAP
Size: 96,534 sq m
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Status: In Progress

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