News: Open Position for data visualization specialist at MIT SENSEable City Lab-Singapore

Open position for data visualization specialist at MIT SENSEable City Lab - Singapore

The SENSEable City Lab at MIT is seeking candidates for open positions on "data visualization of large datasets." The position will be based at the Lab's base in Singapore at the Singapore-MIT Alliance of Research and Technology (SMART).
Over the past several years, the SENSEable City Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has carried out extensive research into the use of real-time data generated by urban networks and systems. The digital revolution has layered a vast system of cameras, communication devices, microcontrollers and sensors over our environment, enabling entirely new ways to imagine, monitor, and understand our cities. These systems have a value that goes beyond their original purpose: the digital exhaust of cellular networks reveals social and economic patterns, tracking systems highlight global material flows, and digitally managed transportation fleets address a city's mobility. Several of the Lab's projects specifically involve research into innovative ways of visualizing large data sets and real-time data feeds and results of projects have been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the Singapore Art Museum, the Venice Biennale and other major exhibition venues.
The SENSEable City Laboratory is seeking exceptional candidates to fill positions involving research on the visualization of datasets provided by various industries and public entities, including but not limited to telecommunications, healthcare, transportation and urban or municipal planning. Candidates should have a sound experience in the process of visualizing data both in static as well as dynamic form.
Responsibilities include working with SENSEable City Lab researchers, collaborators and sponsors to:

  • interpret and produce unique data visualizations for a variety of research projects within its LIVE Singapore! initiative
  • prepare visualizations for publication in online and print media (academic and popular) as well as at exhibitions
  • create and maintain a basic archival management system for storage, access, and retrieval of data and project files
Information, requirements: here.

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