Today's video: Neri Oxman on 3D Printing, Design and Fabrication

Next week I will join editors of French little journal of Architecture Cosa Mentale for The Architecture Post Broadcast. We will discuss point of departure of their journal, and many more. I am actively working on this interview and other projects of interviews and works for Urban Lab Global Cities, The Architecture Post Broadcast (which website is needed, I confess to be late, sorry for this) and a new structure on which I am currently working to help to expand both Urban Lab Global Cities and The Architecture Post Broadcast (I find this blog (a bit) a mess so I need to separate all these entities, I dare say) in separate websites and produce other editorial and broadcast projects on architecture and urbanism but also on other fields related to architecture and urbanism. More soon.
For now, an interview that I would like to share. Neri Oxman discusses the influence of 3D printing on her works and research, and more broadly on design and fabrication. According to her, 3D Printing is revolutionizing art, design and architecture, precisely fabrication systems…

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