Forthcoming: This Fall: New Video Projects…

It is a busy time for me this summer as this September will inaugurate new video features as announced in a previous post that will include some visit studios.
The first video project may be launched either this August or this September. Impatient and very exciting as I am, although I have already posted a short teaser in a previous post, I can't help but post one picture of the first video.
This video will review recent Paris-based firm of architecture ecdm's architectural project. I have already shared a certain interest for this French agency. A day nursery (crèche in French) implanted in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, a very colorful, multi-ethnic district, somehow very attractive.

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For those not having the chance of visiting this project, check out the link above including a short preview. I hope this project will be launched very soon, in the coming weeks…
Day Nursery (Crèche et Logement de Fonction), rue Pierre Budin, Paris XVIII, © ecdm
Photo: The Architecture Post/ULGC

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