Today's video: Liam Young's interview on his drone project (among others) and everything else

I will be back with some posts on among others: militarization, surveillance and cities, and others picks, rapidly. I just need further information and other books to write these posts. I am also currently reading two books that some of you may have already read, if not yet, plan to read, — and if not, I warmly suggest this book: City: A Guidebook for the Urban Age written by P.D. Smith, available in both format: print and kindle. I will review when finished. I still don't know which format I will opt for but it may be in the form of a podcast, as usual.
The second was released in 2009: Urbicide: The Politics of Urban Destruction written by Martin Coward. I found this book on Subtopia and I was dying to pick up a copy. Perhaps this book has answers to interrogations I have concerning this issue of cities and militarization.

Then, a series of video projects may be launched, starting this September (or earlier). I can't say more for now, but I will share soon.
This explains the reason why I post less or only videos that I found here and there. Stay tuned as usual…

For now, an interview of architect and urbanist Liam Young led by the editor Simon Ings of ARC, an editorial project launched this year by the excellent New Scientist. Simon Ings interviews Liam Young about his recent brush with Special Branch, and on a drone project he co-launched with Tomorrow's Thoughts Today at Dublin's Science Gallery. This drone ballet he and his colleagues recorded under the UK's Terrorism Act, Simon Ings reports.

If you don't know Liam Young's projects and research — these include another think tank Unknown Fields Division he co-launched with Kate Davies — (but you may know as I have already talked about him), check out Under Tomorrow's Sky for further information.

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