Thousand excuses for a lack of updates but…

Dear all,
As a website that I may have quoted or shared a link seems to have been hacked, I cannot post any article for now and I am afraid you will need to wait for a couple of days (I hope). Please accept apologies for my absence. This however allows me for preparing some updates coming when I will be allowed to connect. Hope this website will check out his (or her) server rapidly. I confess I am impatient by nature. In consequence, if it's way too long, if I am forced to wait for a week, I will post them anyway.
I may include an interview with an architect that I appreciate his work. I look forward to sharing his work with you. It may be next Monday and in the podcast format (or I will transcript but the podcast format seems to be more appropriate). I will profit from this incapacity to post in this blog to choose between the podcast format or a transcription. New interviews, then, will be posted this August, if possible. And the end of September will be the launch of new features: videos of studio visit of young agencies in France. An enjoyable occasion and opportunity to have a look at what's new in the French architectural practice. There are very young and pose a new and fresh look at not only France's society as well as at a global scale, this new world.
Be patient, I will be back soon…

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