News: A Mini-Ark to Answer to Next Natural Disaster, in Japan

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Cosmo Power Co., a small Japanese company, has designed a mini-ark to answer to next natural disaster.
Mini-Ark © Cosmo Power Co.
> Cosmo Power Co. President Shoji Tanaka inside the spherical earthquake and tsunami shelter "Noah" made of fiber enforced plastic. Photo: AP.
Originally appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald

This capsule is built with enhanced fiberglass capable of saving users from disasters — including tsunami and earthquake. It contains a small lookout window and breathing holes on top.

This Japanese miniature version of 'Noah's Ark' can house four adults. It appears to have succeeded to withstand many crash tests, the newspaper reports.

The construction price is announced to be 300,000 yen or $A4000.

The company has already built two shelters and has orders for 600 more.

It would be interesting to see if this material, namely enhanced fiberglass, is capable of withstanding real powerful natural disasters.

The newspaper has also posted a video explaining the concept of this project.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

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