Today's video: Mohsen Mostafavi, Ecological Urbanism, and texts suggestions: Rachel Armstrong

A video that was added this July by The Harvard GSD on Mohsen Mostafavi, Ecological Urbanism at the 2010 Venice Biennale. While I am working on a project on Japanese cities, this video comes in the good moment. We need to re-think how we address the city, how we reconceptualize the city by associating city planning, architecture, and ecology. We need to reconsider various keys like ethics, aesthetics, sensibilities of the cities.

Credit: The Harvard GSD

However I would like to invite you to read some texts that Rachel Armstrong recently posted. I only include one or two. These texts are by her and on her. The first one is a Letter Rachel Armstrong sent to Arup, namely a response to 'Under Imagined Future of Transport' posted by Susan Claris. The one is an article on her research posted by George Webster, for CNN titled "'Living' buildings could inhale city carbon emissions", two among many others.
I warmly encourage you to read these texts to complete your interest, if not research, on the future of cities.

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