Xiamen Low-Carbon New-Town Development

A project I just found on Nikkei website, a newspaper on finance and economy, the Xiamen Low-Carbon New-Town Development. What is it about? Xiamen is located across the water facing Taiwan in China's Fujian Province.

The purpose of this project is to gear up in the city thanks to the strong resolve of the Chinese government, according to Nikkei newspaper.
Taiwan can be seen from Xiamen New-Town. Originally appeared on Nikkei

The center of the city estimates a population reaching 3.53 million. To respond to a population growth, the city needs resources including spaces. Hence an expansion from Xiamen Island to the mainland, called 'xincheng' (Chinese), or new-town that will be the engine of the "low-carbon city" project.

The project will consist of the reduction of the share of secondary industries in its economy which is estimated at 50%, and the increase of the share of tertiary industries such as finance, goods distribution, and leisure.  The city will also target bio-industries and LED industries.

Bus Rapid Transit system is already used and a monorail construction is scheduled. Another aspect of this project is the separation and collection of household waste and the promotion of recycling.
Model of the Xiamen Low-Carbon Project. Originally appeared on Nikkei

Some Japanese firms take part to the program such as Japan's New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) by sponsoring the Xiamen Low-Carbon City Consruction and Development Japan-Chinese Exchange in Xiamen in Mid-July.

More here (in Japanese)

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