News: Japan announcing a backup city for Tokyo in the event of natural disasters: IRTBBC

It is not surprising that Tokyo is in search for a backup city to help Tokyo in the event of an important earthquake. I have been hearing about this projects since 1998, maybe earlier. Here is this new project, a parallel universe situated just 300 miles west of the existing city as the World Architecture News reports.
IRTBBC, Japan. Originally appeared on World Architecture News

IRTBBC for Integrated Resort Tourism, Business, and Backup City is announced to sit a 1,236 acre site. It will be first limited to vital functions such as business but ofices, resorts, casinos parks as well as housings to host 50,000 residents and 200,00 works will be included. A 652-meter office tower is also announced.

As Hajime Ishii, a member of the ruling Democratic Party said, "The idea is being ablie to have a backup, a spare battery for the functions of the nation."
IRTBBC, Japan. Originally appeared on World Architecture News

It will not be able to host all Tokyo's population but as the purpose is to serve as backup city, it will be interesting to see the city when completed.

Source: World Architecture News

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