Today's map: How Occupy Wall Street Chose Zuccotti Park

The New Yorker posted, on November 21th 2011, an interesting map that reports the best and worst locations for the Occupy Wall Street. Zuccotti Park, New York, as one knows, was chosen as the site of original encampment. During the week leading up to the protest, The New Yorker continues, Tactical Committee, author of the below map, scouted the remaining sites.
Originally appeared on The New Yorker
Tactical Committee explains the origin of the map as follows:
We decided that low-tech communication methods would be best", P. told me. "if we'd used a mass text message, or Twitter, it would have been easy for the police to track down who was doing this."… Soon, maps were distributed and the people began to murmur, "Go to Location Two in thirty minutes. The first arrivals took seats beneath th trees on the eastern side, arranged themselves in small groups, and ate peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches. By that afternoon, nearly a thousand people had gathered for a general-assembly meeting."

The limits of social networks in the case of Occupy Wall Street aside, this map reveals that maps are still considered as powerful political instrument.

More and source: The New Yorker.

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