Update: News: Domus India will be launched November 12th, 2011

While print magazines face the most difficult time since their creation due to tablets, and even more due to today's shaky economy, Domus continues its politics of magazine in paper format with Domus India. Domus challenges the problems that print industry is facing due to the emergence of tablets, blogs and web magazines by developing diverse editorial projects such as that of with India. This reminds me Tyler Brûlé of Monocle saying to Gopher Illustrated "The issue is not about whether we're going to be reading off of paper or whether we'll be reading off backlit screens or whether we're going to be reading on the moon. The future belongs to visionary and courageous people to get the power back to the editorial floor."
The Cover of the debut issue of Domus India, November 2011.
Studio Mumbai's installation presented on the occasion of the 21th Venice Architecture Biennale in 2012.
Cover Photograph by Hélène Binet. Originally appeared on Domus Web

I do not know if Editor-in-Chief Joseph Grima is courageous or not to launch a print Indian edition of Domus. What is clear is that in contrast with magazines like eVolo which is declined into paper format as well as application format, I am not sure to have seen a Domus' application format. In the case it exists, it would be like that of Monocle: you will not have access to the content of the magazine.

The first issue of Domus India will be presented November 12, 2011, in Mumbai — for the luckiest of you who are in Mumbai. Kazuyo Sejima of SANAA will deliver the keynote address and Domus Editor-in-Chief Joseph Grima will introduce the new magazine to Indian readers. A conversation will follow with the participation of architects Bijoy Jain, Christopher Benninger, Kapil Gupta, Soumitro Ghosh.
Top and Above: Interior spreads from the debut issue of Domus India, November 2011.
Originally appeared on Domus Web

Why an Indian edition of Domus? This question remains open. But I infer that Domus wants to explore what I like to say "what in India's architecture". According to Domus, this Indian edition will be a space for the dissemination of original and rigorous thought in architecture and design. It will Provide a sharp critical focus on the zeitgeist and the possible resultant futures for architecture and design in the Design subcontinent.

——— Update ———
For those who hope to find Domus India, according to the editor-in-chief Joseph Grima, the magazine will be exclusively available in India and will be in English.

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