Sustainable Circular Taiwan Tower by STL Architects

STL Architects unveiled two weeks ago The Sustainable Circular Taiwan Tower proposal for The Taiwan Tower International Competition.
Sustainable Circular Taiwan Tower © STL Architects

Tower as a ring
First: the building design. I infer that STL Architects takes the conventional tower typology as a starting point since the tower has a circular form. Given its form, the tower would become the most important landmark of the city.
Then, according to the agency, the purpose is to generate a 'flow network' that links the Taichung Gateway city project with the most important landmarks of the city.
Sustainable Circular Taiwan Tower © STL Architects

A skin as system
Secondly the skin. It would be conceived as a system, according to STL Architects. The skin would be pixilated with glazed openings in the programmed and occupiable zones and permeable in the central part area.
The degradation of the openings which would differ between 20% and 60% is announced to provide lightness in the central part of the tower.
The architects would utilize necessary materials for the skin continuity.
Sustainable Circular Taiwan Tower © STL Architects

Structural process
Then the structure. The circle form of the building would require in-depth analysis in terms of, to quote a few, feasibility and resistance to environmental stress. It is announced to be able of resisting the dynamic force of the wind. In fact, the building would be thickened at the bottom to create stiffness and allowing for dampers to resist twisting, which may be a problem with this ring-shaped tower. Moreover, the density and arrangement of beams in the structure would participate in providing high levels of sitffness at the base. An horizontal arrangement would help profit from spectacular views at the top.
The overall structure of the tower would be held by the foundations created by the bottom of the ring.
Several stories into the earth would reinforce the tower's resistance to lateral movements.
Sustainable Circular Taiwan Tower — Section © STL Architects

Sustainable tower
The Ring Tower would be equipped with systems for renewable energy. An environmental quality monitoring center would be placed at the top of the tower with the aim of reducing carbon dioxide emission and air pollution.
Sustainable Circular Taiwan Tower © STL Architects

Programmatic concepts
The Sustainable Circular Taiwan Tower program would consist of museum, lobby, new habitat, observatory and parking spaces. The base would host entrance, museum and lobby, while the upper floors would be occupied by new habitat and observatory.
Sustainable Circular Taiwan Tower © STL Architects

The tower would also house underground parking spaces.

Who are they?
STL Architects is a collaborative group of design professionals with a common vision and a passion for architecture, planning, and design.
Founded in 1996 STL Architects is led by Luis Collado, Jose Luis de la Fuente, and Tracy Susanne Salvia. We have enjoyed successful working relationships with many clients, both large and small, and have firmly established STL Architects as one of the premier architectural firms in Chicago.
We believe that good architecture evolves through humble, team-based efforts. Hence, our office thrives in an open and communicative atmorphere, which favors cohesiveness and directly benefits our projects.

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