Arup Unveiling the Dwabor Kindergarten Project

A nice project for Ghana's children, in particular for Children of Dwabor. Dwabor Kindergarten is a prototype for 30 schools in the district designed by Arup, Davis Langdon, A-Kon Consultants and Atelier for Sabre Charitable Trust.
Dwabor Kindergarten, Dwabor, Ghana © Arup, Davis Langdon, A-Kon Consultants, Atelier.

This building simple in form but flexible, scalable and modular is made of local materials such as waste products like bamboo coconut husks, and stabilised soil blocks which can be transformed into durable and cost-effective building materials, as Arup states. The community was engineered in the construction of the building foundation, weeding, removing tree stumps and the choice of the materials.

For the walls, Arup, Davis Langdon, A-Kon Consultants and Atelier used the soil stabilised blocks as the video, above, shows. Concrete was also used, in particular pozzolana that has been made from fired palm kernels.
Materials — Soil stabilised blocks, Dwabor, Ghana, © Arup, Davis Langdon, A-Kon Consultants, Atelier

Due to environmental constraints, as Ghana has wet and dry seasons, accordingly during the rainy season, children could not go to school, a metal roof was required to withstand rainfalls, and better still, and collect water rain. fibres from coconut husks reinforce the roof helpingdeaden the noise from rain and protecting downpours from interrupting classes.
Solar Protection Shutters of Bamboo © Arup, Davis Langdon, A-Kon Consultants, Atelier

Colourful pivoting slatted bamboo windows act as screen for sun protection providing natural light without any glare. These also allow for masking interior spaces — children activities — from exterior views. These shutters of bamboo that screen the envelope create a differentiated affect to the school.
This results in a school with interior spaces large enough for children to study.

Building Fact
Project: Dwabor Kindergarten
Architects: Arup, Davis Langdon, A-Kon Consultants, Atelier
Client: Sabre Charitable Trust
Location: Dwabor, Ghana

Video credit: Sabre Charitable Trust

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