Infographic of the day: Threats and Opportunities to the UK

The Guardian posted Thursday 26 January an infographic revealing threats and opportunities to the UK, identified by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs that could arise as a result of climate change.

Below the graphic.
A Summary of potential opportunities and threats for the UK. Originally appeared on The Guardian

As seen in this graphic, overheating building, residential properties at significant risk of flooding, change s in soil organic carbon, changes in species migration patterns, summer mortality due to higher temperatures, number of unsustainable water abstractions, flood risk to high quality of agricultural land, risks to species and habitants due to drier soils, potential decline in summer water quality (point source pollution), and so on and so on, are the forecasted negative outcomes of climate change. As for the opportunities, this can be enumerated as follows: decline in winter mortality due to higher temperatures, reduction in energy demand for heating, changes in grassland productivity.

Source: The Guardian. The graphic can be downloaded: Here.

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