Conference: Spatial Perspectives: Literature and Architecture, 1850 - Present

"I've felt that a book is like a building, and a building is like a book"
Steven Holl

"Architecture will no longer be the social, the collective, the dominant art. The great poem, the great building, the great work of mankind will no longer be built, it will be printed"
Victor Hugo

The Spatial Perspectives organizes an interesting conference on the relation between literature and Architecture at The University of Oxford, Faculty of English Language and Literature.

This interdisciplinary conference seeks to foster a dialogue between literature and architecture by bringing together papers that encompass the diversity of thinking about these two disciplines and the ways in which they engage and interact. This will be one of the first conferences to examine the intersections of architecture and literature globally over a broad timeframe.

Date: Friday 22nd June 2012
Location: University of Oxford, Faculty of English Language and Literature

More: Spatial Perspectives.

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